Welcome to Harris & Rose Interiors, specialists in bespoke curtains, blinds, cushions and soft-furnishings.

Using traditional hand-sewn methods I provide a bespoke, made-to-measure service giving you the flexibility and creativity to produce something truly unique and personal. Each project I take on is hand crafted in my workshop, just outside of Cirencester, ensuring a high-quality finish.

An initial consultation is given to you in your home to discuss your requirements and establish your style.  The luxury of viewing fabric samples and finishing touches in situ helps to visualise the finished product more accurately, as they can often adopt a different tone depending on the surrounding colours and light available to a room.

If you’re looking for inspiration visit my portfolio filled with just some of my recent commissions. If you know what you’re after and you’d like to generate a guide price, use the calculator below or if you’d like to talk to me directly, get in touch.


I’m Sophie Harris. I founded Harris & Rose Interiors in 2013 after completing an accredited soft furnishings course with Victoria Hammond in Hertfordshire.

In my workshop just outside Cirencester, I specialise in bespoke curtains, blinds, cushions and soft-furnishings. I work on commissions of all sizes to produce quality pieces that are true to your vision and expectations.

It seems I was destined for a career in soft furnishings, despite the interesting route I took to arrive at where I am today, with my own business.

My lifelong plan was to become a primary school teacher; I gained my BSc (Hons) degree from Harper Adams University then planned to do my PGCE however my path came to a halt after meeting many teachers during my placement year. With no alternative plan I naively bought a round the world ticket and set off an adventure with no thought of what I would do when I returned. During my time in Australia I found myself stood in the most enormous haberdashery surrounded by gorgeous colours, textures and patterns, this is where I had my “light bulb” moment! Following this everything fell in to place quite naturally; I signed up with Victoria Hammond, one of the outbuildings on my parents farm was renovated in to my workshop and my Godfather kindly hired me to make the curtains for his home to get me going (this was a barn conversion with 4m drop windows, talk about throwing yourself in at the deep end!) and from there my business has grown.

In hindsight I don’t know why I never thought to pursue a career in soft furnishings considering the signs up until now: My Great Grandmother (Rose, hence the name) was a glove maker for Dents, my Grandma made lots of curtains for my dolls house so I could change the décor, I always enjoyed helping Mum make the curtains for our house on the lounge floor and my University girls bought me a sewing machine for my 21st Birthday